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而今,在位于RAMPAI BUSINESS PARK的老招牌分行不仅会把美食佳肴带来,还会在这个有限的室内空间里延续位于武吉丁宜休闲农场的概念。除了能一睹绿意盎然的迷你小菜园(Green House)之外,还能看到淡水鱼在特制的大鱼缸里悠闲的游着。另外在特制的仿古杂货店除了能让大家感受上个时代的风貌,也有着各种历史悠久的货物。

数不尽的美食佳肴再加上用心打造的特殊室内环境,你岂能错过!让我们约定您在RAMPAI BUSINESS PARK“老招牌”。

 Foon Lock Restaurant

[Foon Lock Restaurant], founded in the year of 1988, is known as one of the earliest local restaurant in Bukit Tinggi that is well-established.

The founder Loo Yin Chen and brothers named the restaurant [Foon Lock] - [Joy] with the hope that all customers could share the sense of homeliness as they enjoy their meals and ultimately, to be filled with joy by the end of their visit.

Diners could enjoy fresh and delicious cuisines that offer a taste of the new village as [Foon Lock Restaurant] make freshness a criterion for every dish that is served. Those who are familiar with [Foon Lock Restaurant] would know that we choose to use only the self selected and self cultivated vegetables. For instance, the famous Bentong Ginger, Tian Qi Leaf, Dual Flavour Vegetable, French Beans and so on comes straight from our own farm. Whether steamed or prepared with ginger, the fresh quality of these naturally bred selections remains to satisfy you.

Don’t miss the signature dish [Asam Talapia Fish], [Mihun With Ginger Paste Chicken] and [Deep Fried Pork] if you ever pay a visit to [Foon Lock Restaurant]!

 Garden View Restaurant

[Garden View Restaurant] is founded in 2007. It is the first branch of [Fun Lock Restaurant].

[Garden View Restaurant] adapted the concept of leisure farms from Taiwan and created a miniature garden at an open space behind the restaurant itself that is free for public viewing.

Besides the plantation of Bentong Ginger, Sawi, Tian Qi Leaf, Dual Flavour Vegetable (mixture of Chinese & Mustard Cabbage) and Passion Fruits in the garden, there are also a number of huts built for the purpose of rearing ducks, chickens and other poultry; and ponds designed for fish farming. Basically, it is almost identical with the actual pastoral.

The green and vibrant mini garden offers not only a breathtaking scenery but it also creates an opportunity for the children to get up close with nature; to recognize the varieties of vegetables and to witness its' actual growing process; to see the ducks swaying away in the pool, the agile chickens walking around, and not forgetting the sight of fishes skirmishing over food. Not only is it educational but it also entertains and amuses the children greatly.

The featured dishes in [Garden View Restaurant] uphold the standard of freshness. Every dish served on the table comes straight from the farm and freshness is guaranteed!

Make sure you don’t miss out the signature dish -[Steam Patin With Soy Sauce], [Traditional Baked River Prawn] and [Hakka Pumpkin Meat Ball] during your visit to [Garden View Restaurant]!

Canton Kitchen at Prima Sri Gombak

New outlet at Prima Sri Gombak!!! Welcome for our fresh food and homemade product!


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